Hi, Everyone!

I am Utkarsh

Avid Programmer, Problem Solver, Engineer :)

I am a undergrad pursuing Bachelor of Technology from Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
Majoring in Chemical and Electrical Engineering.

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Name: Utkarsh

Email: rajpututkarsh530@gmail.com

Phone: +91-9873291435


Bachelor of Technology2022(Expected)
Department of Chemical and Electrical Engineering8.8/10.0

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

AISSCE, Class 12th (CBSE)2017

Cambridge School, Indirapuram96.6%

AISSE, Class 10th (CBSE)2015

Cambridge School, Indirapuram10.0/10.0

About me

Hello everyone, I am Utkarsh currently an undergrad enrolled in the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I always lookout for new opportunities to learn something new. Presently, I have worked on Mobile development, extending my knowledge to Numerical Computing and contributing to Open-Source. I have also started my tryst with Machine Learning, which is quite awesome!

I also like to work on Engineering challenges as well. I learnt Digital Signal Processing, mainly for RADAR systems. I love to work on simulation projects and have worked on MATLAB, Solidworks and Chemical Engineering Simulation software like ASPEN Plus. I am currently enrolled in Double Major, which brings out the best of the two fields: Chemical and Electrical Engineering. Presently, I even collaborated on a project with a Professor on Electrochemical Instrumentation. I have a penchant for research as well; I wish to take new projects, especially involving computational and programming aspects.

I love to code and learn especially new languages and paradigms. Puzzles, problem solving and music are my greatest past-time. I am trying to get better in Algorithms and Data-Structures and practice on CodeChef, Codeforces and other programming platforms.